March 28, 2011

In My Mailbox Today...

I got something pretty exciting!

I got my necklace from The Giving Keys. It was gorgeous out today so I had to take it out for some photos. And of course, photos usually mean some design work as well. I'm excited to see what moment presents itself where this necklace will find it's new owner. 

Last week, I think, I posted that I was doing an "assignment" to help me get back into prime design mode. My cover was due Friday. And next up are the first 4 pages due in a couple of weeks. Today I just had the ideas a-flowin'. 

While working on this, I've started to listen to Doomtree again and I found this song by Sims that I really like. Particularly these lyrics:  

"What do you love, what drives you? What height above are you climbing to? What is your passion? And who else but you is going to make that happen?" TC AG by Sims

Words to live by...

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