March 1, 2011

A Temporary Change & Tuesday Tunes

Today, I got absolutely sick of the cold and the wind. All I want to do is go for a run outside and in subzero temps, that isn't exactly a good idea. When I got home from work and checked my blog, I just couldn't take the frosty, wintery theme anymore. I needed something bright and colorful in my life. So this is something temporary until Marlon and I work out the actual branding of H.O.S.
(Thank you to this tutorial for helping me do my nav buttons!)

This week has been a Cut/CopyDaft PunkRad OmenMGMT, and Jay Nash (<- from way out in left field...) week.

I am currently obsessed with this color combination:

from this Etsy shop

I don't know why. I'm not usually a fan of the color yellow. But all of a sudden, I just kind of started liking it...more and more. Maybe it has to do with winter being too long or something. All I want it some awesome sunshine and 70 degree weather. 

There's a YouTube video I really want to share with you but it's not showing up yet in the search thingy. Maybe it's too new. Hopefully tomorrow. I also have some great new rings I made to share. They have yet to be photographed though. Once again, hopefully tomorrow. Redoing the blog kind of took over my evening. But that's okay, because I was doing some designing. 

This month, I am sponsoring Love, Elyica. I'm hoping to expand my blog a bit. Go check out her blog. She is awesome. 

Oooookay, well that is all I have for tonight. Something better tomorrow....


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