March 13, 2011

D.I.Y. Project: Jewelry Holder

I saw this on a blog awhile back but now I can't remember which one it was...It was a D.I.Y. project creating a jewelry holder out of an old picture frame.

I've been looking for a nice way to store my earrings without just having them tossed around in a little dish that they've been in for years. This definitely has been the best idea I've seen yet.

You will need: 
1 old picture frame (I got my frame at a thrift store for a dollar)
Picture hanging wire
Paints (optional)
Tacky glue

What You Will Do: 
1. Paint your frame if desired. I watered down a black paint and a silver metallic paint. I first layered on the black paint and wiped it away giving it an aged look. I wasn't looking for it to be perfect so the natural wood still shows through in spots. I then did the same with the silver metallic. Let it dry. 
2. Cut out 3-4 stripes of picture hanging wire a few inches longer than the width of the frame.
3. Figure out how far apart you want your wires to be. On the backside of the frame, gently push in the thumbtacks in desired locations. But don't push in all the way. 
4. Wrap the ends of the wire around the tack. Make sure to pull tight so the wire isn't sagging. Repeat for rest of rows. 
5. Once all your wires are connected push in thumbtacks all the way to secure the wire. 
6. Cut out fabric enough to cover back of frame. 
7. Glue fabric to back of frame, making sure the right side is facing the wires.
8. Hang in desired location and arrange your jewelry on it. 

My finished holder.

I think I may add some nails to the bottom so I can hang the necklaces that I can't string on there as well as my bracelets. I also need to find a way to hang my non-dangly earrings on there. Haven't quite figured that one out yet. This adds some nice color to my stark white bathroom walls.


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