March 7, 2011

Inspire Me: The Furnace

I found some rad hand painted graphics and typography on Seamless Creative's inspiration blog, DesignWorkLife. They are from the design firm, The Furnace in Australia.

I'm in love with that reception desk.

How sweet is that clock? 

I like how clean everything looks still. The interior design isn't over done and the focus is definitely on the creativity plastered all over the walls and floor. I think I like this just as much as I like chalkboard walls. 

I started a blanket/afghan this weekend. It is fushia, bright yellow, and a softer aqua/teal-ish blue. I'm pretty excited. The colors match the ones of the comforter covering my futon. 

This week has converted into a long work week again. The weather is supposed to be snowy and rainy this weekend. Not good weather for engagement photos. I may drive down Sunday...We shall see. It's a long drive with iffy location conditions. 

"A picture and a letter."

A photo and a letter. I went literal. But how gorgeous is the Eiffel Tower in that photo? Normally I'm not a huge fan of sepia tones, but for that one, it just works. And the ampersand is my favorite piece of type. Yes, I have a favorite piece of type...


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