March 20, 2011

A Designer's Weekend

This weekend has been a productive one in the world of graphic design. I've pretty much been working on design every day. It feels so good to be back into it. Marlon and I have been working with each other on a few projects. It reminds me of our Product/ID class where I'm surprised we didn't drive our professor up a wall with all of our chatter. We are a couple of people who I would love to watch on the outside to see how we interact with each other.

I've started my renovations for the blog. As the week goes on my goal is to start implementing them. There are going to be many changes made. A sneak peek:

A cryptic peek? Perhaps ;)

The other project I've been hacking away at is an "assignment" from Marlon. We decided to get me back into design he would give me deadlines. I think that is the biggest problem I was having with say the Flower Girl project. I never felt like I had to have it completed so I just shrugged it off. This however, I have deadlines for and I think I've only missed one deadline ever (due to printer issues). I want to keep that record going. 


I am working on a magazine for the MPLS area covering the music, art, and fashion scene. The intention of the name and skyline is for it to stretch to other larger cities around the country. This way, for people traveling around who are into the local stuff of a city have a publication they can turn to. My cover is due Friday. 

The two projects have really made me push PhotoShop aside and bring me back into Illustrator and InDesign. Hooray for Style Sheets and the Pen Tool.

In doing this project it has rekindled my love for Dessa. She is part of the MPLS group Doomtree. Check them out if you haven't heard them yet.

"Dixon's Girl" 
One of my favorite songs off the album A Badly Broken Code.


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