March 6, 2011

Onto a Short Week

Well, it's one busy weekend down, another heading my way. Except, it will be a kind of short week. I have an engagement photo session down in the MPLS area on Friday. It will be a 4 day work week and about 5 hours of driving. Hopefully though, I can see some other people while I'm down there too since it's Spring Break. I am super jealous. I wish the real world had Spring Break...

This weekend was a pretty good, successful one. As always, I spent WAY too much money, but got to spend some decent time with the folks. I got my taxes completed, the bridesmaid dress is being altered (after a pin gave me a good stabbing in the side), and I got to eat at a few of my favorite restaurants.

A couple of photos from this past weekend:

(click image for better view, there's text in there)

And a couple of sweet finds:

I must collect bags or something. I pretty much have a closet full of them. Got this one at Target. The pins are from C.S.A Design in Minneapolis. 

I stopped by the Unglued: Craft Fest too. There were TONS of people there when I made it there around 10:30. It was difficult to see everybody booths so I just kind of wandered around and snuck a peek at what I could. I wish I could have gotten a screenprinted poster from Who Made Who.
Got this awesome sketchbook from a fellow BSU alumni, Cody Bartz, who hopefully soon will have a website or something up so you all can see his fantastic work. I got to chat with him for a bit which was nice. It was good to see a familiar face in the area. 

I've got more things to share throughout the week. My Ma dug out a great old 1964 Women's Day magazine. The ads in there are great, so interesting to see how advertising worked back then. Speaking of the 60's I have lots of catching up to do on Mad Men

"A photo of your biggest insecurity."

My height is one of my biggest insecurities (I'm 5'10"). BUT I try not to think about my insecurities (there's a fair few) and I'm working on just seeing them as being a part of me rather than defining who I am. The more I focus on the negative the more I bring myself down. I've got enough problems on my plate ;) And I figure, for the ones I can change, if I don't change them, I just have to continue living with it until I do something about it.


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