February 12, 2011

February Photo Excursion

This afternoon was an adventure inspired by Mr. Chase Jarvis. After yesterday, I just had to go out and get some photos in while the weather is beautiful. This was a 3ish mile trek around the area I live in. 

I find this ironic. And funny. I love being from Minnesota.
I was also walking around the river. I find it a bit unsettling to be walking on (frozen) water. Every time I do I feel like I'm going to fall in. Even if there's a foot of ice under me.

The light pole one is one of my favorites from today.

I also stopped by this little shop, The Curiosity Shop. I got a sweet ring which I will share later. I will also be back to share that ice cream recipe later too. Mmmmmmm. 

All of a sudden, around Thursday, I had the urge to jam to Cobra Starship. So I did. And now...I'm back on a kick. 

"Guilty Pleasure"
via YouTube

"Living in the Sky with Diamonds"
My favorite song.
via YouTube


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