February 12, 2011

Foods: Homemade-No Machine Needed-Ice Cream

I saw this recipe for super simple, no machine needed ice cream via Kevin & Amanda's Blog. I LOVE ice cream. So I had to try it.

You must try this. It's super creamy and rich. It's nice knowing what is going into the ice cream you're eating. Plus, this is totally customizable to what kind of ice cream you like. Next time, I think I'm going to add a dash of vanilla to it. And maybe try some lemon, mint, and blackberries. It will be like summertime in a bowl. Delish.

I also got a bit crafty this afternoon. I had a bunch of change lying around and needed a place to put it. I also figured I could fill this up over the summer and save for Seattle. Soooo, I decided to make myself a little change jar dedicated to traveling! 

My little label is removable so once Seattle is over...It will change to L.A. (I think that's the next destination...)

Now...My Lemon Pasta with Chicken and Spinach just came out of the oven and it smells fantastic. I'm hungry. I think I'm on a lemon kick because I found a recipe for Lemon and Sugar Crepes with raspberries I'm going to try tomorrow for breakfast. I bought a couple during my grocery run yesterday so...Might as well use them! 


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