February 7, 2011

Inspire Me: House Tours

One of my favorite things to find on Apartment Therapy is the house tours, especially the ones of lofts. I want a sweet loft apartment really bad. It's like my dream home or something. So this morning before work, I decided to take a peak around and see what I could find.

LA Loft
That view is so gorgeous. I would love to wake up to that every morning. 

Providence, RI Loft
The mismatched chairs remind me of my favorite professor/mentor at college. He loooooves chairs. Plus, those windows, magical.

St. Louis, MO Loft
I want a place with lots of exposed brick. I like the urban, historical feel. 

Another Providence, RI Loft.
Apparently that is the place to be. Rhode Island, here I come!

Chicago, IL Loft

Durham, NC Loft
Chandelier greatness.

This isn't from a loft but...

That. Dog. Is. Great.
It is one of those, it's kind of ugly, but that's what makes it absolutely adorable.
I want one.

I leave you with:

I feel like the colors worked better in that hat I posted a couple days ago...
Oh well. Just means, I must make another pair. 

It is 7 pm. This means CHUCK is on. I must go now. 


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