February 16, 2011

Inspire Me: T-t-t-typography

It is Wednesday. Two days left until the weekend. Yessssssssah. Plus, the weather was gorgeous today. I went out on my break and wanted to stay out there for a few more hours.

Marlon posted a link of my Facebook today of some wonderful typography. I must share!

"Good typography is not just pretty to look at. It facilitates the process of reading." I am in love with that quote. It is fantastic.

How gorgeous is that? I want it as a print. 

I'm not usually a serif gal but this makes me want to use it in my personal rebranding. I think it helps it is paired with one of my favorite blues. 

As I stated earlier this week...I love Helvetica. 

Visit this site to see more.

I had a burst of creativity today after listening to "You've Got the Love" (The XX Remix) by Florence and the Machine. I posted it in my playlist yesterday. I want to make a short video to this song while we are screen printing the stuff for Handmade on Sunday. Maybe some stop motion time lapse. 

Something like this perhaps:

via YouTube

"A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most."

Please revert back to this post (My New Favorite Hat) because those three people are the same people who have gotten me through a lot the past four years. 

Plus this dear gal: 

She got me through my portfolio presentation last year. Many late nights of practicing my speech, bringing me food in the lab, and making sure I was sane. I miss my friend Michelle. 

I also got my new camera lens today in the mail. It's kind of weird not adjusting the focal length of it, but I will get used to it. I love the shallow depth of field it has. It shall be magnificent for portrait photography.


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