February 4, 2011

Friday Love & A 30 Day Challenge

I love my Fridays. I don't really do anything. It is my night to unwind from a week at work, to clean the pit that I make of my apartment during the week, and make my weekend goals. Lame Friday night? I'm okay with that.

Today the weather was gorgeous. I was itching to get out and do an outdoor mid-winter run. But my back is making me feel like I'm 100 years old. It is sooooo sore. It's been this way for a week; today it was really bad though. Made sitting at my desk for 8 hours extremely difficult.

It was a heatwave today! 35 degrees above zero! Whoo!
Snapped this with my phone after work.

I also almost ran over a suicidal squirrel today who thought he was going to be a quick little bugger and run across the road during "rush hour." I think I just missed it...Or I may have clipped it's tail...

There have been a couple of people I am friends with on Facebook doing a photo 30 day challenge. I thought that this would make a fun little thing for the blog. 

"A picture of yourself with fifteen facts."

1. My favorite old school Disney movie is "The Lion King." My favorite new school Disney movie is "The Princess and the Frog." HOWEVER, I have not seen "Tangled" yet. I will be purchasing that on March 29th when it comes to DVD! Whoooo! 
2. I'm not a fan of chocolate and flowers. At any point. I'm weird, I know. My sweet tooth isn't a fan of chocolate and my mom always made me go flower shopping with her during gardening season. So guys out there, if you are going to try and win me over, no chocolate, no flowers. Get creative! 
3. I feel like I'm super tall for being of Asian decent. I'm 5'10". Most of the time I wish I was shorter so I could wear all the cute shoes and boots. And then at other times, like when nice little older ladies need help reaching something on the top shelf at the grocery store, it's quite handy to be tall. 
4. I collect bottles. I have a plethora of bottles at my mom's house stored away until I have a bigger place...or a design studio to put them in. I collect the aluminum Pepsi/Mt. Dew bottles, glass bottles of unique shapes and size, bottles with sweet labels on them, vintage bottles. I think I have about 50 of them...
5. I also have a penguin collection. Penguins are my favorite animals :)
6. My two favorite stores are Hobby Lobby and Barnes and Noble. I could spends hours and hours in them. And half my paychecks...
7. I'm not a fan of sweatpants. I feel lazy and unmotivated when I wear them. 
8. There are three pieces of jewelry that I wear all the time. A handmade wire ring on my left middle finger, I got it at a craft fair this summer. Another ring on my right middle finger a friend randomly found. Last is a bracelet on my left hand that says "inspire." 
9. I have a tattoo on my the back of my neck. It is my initials with wings. I got it a week before I left for college. It is my initials and my goddaughters initials. She passed away a year and a half ago. As the years go on, something that was just drawn up by me, it keeps having more and more meaning. I have a couple other ideas for tattoos that I want in the future.
10. I'm not a fan of water. I don't enjoy swimming very much. I also drowned once when I was younger. Scary stuff. 
11. One of the reasons I love Minnesota is for the seasons. Up here, we get all four. Winter kind of takes over a huuuuuge chunk of the year, but that's okay. I find the "Blizzard of 2011" that the southern states are getting absolutely hilarious. Every morning I got to work it is negative something. Take that all you people who think that 30 degrees is unbearable ;)
12. I LOVE LEARNING!!! I like history (1920's and WWII are faves), science (astronomy and how the  human brain and body function are faves), psychology (what I almost pursued a degree in), design (obviously), knowing how things work (especially movies and TV, I like behind the scenes stuff). I'm currently learning a lot about cars seeings as I haven't had one yet that hasn't needed lots of work.
13. Speaking of cars. I like cars. Dad and I used to go out to eat, see a movie, and drive around the car lots almost every weekend before I left for college. We used to get our tickets in advanced so that's what we did to waste some time. We used to talk about which ones we liked, which ones we did, what colors were horrible and which ones weren't. My dream car when I was 16 was a Pontiac Grand Am. I now have one seven (Seven?! Gosh I feel old...) years later. I love the look of old school muscle cars, so my new dream car is a 2011 Dodge Challenger in Deep Water Blue Pearl. 
14. I can't do anything without seeing it in photography form. Colors, composition, contrast. My life is like one big stop motion reel.
15. High school sports weren't exactly my thing. I was instead a choir nerd. (Band...kind of, but not really.) I was in the fall musicals for two years also.

There ya go. A few fun things about your's truly. 

Off to go work on my chunky hat I started last night. Also to do an inspiration board for rebranding the design side of my life. Trying to keep that up with the Handmade redesign process so they can be launched at the same time. And to clean...haven't done any of that yet. My apartment is a disaster.


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