February 3, 2011


Or rather tonight I am feeling pretty content. Pretty good. I like it. I hope it stays for a little while.

I am also slacking. Business set-- not done. My bad. I went out with friends last night to 25 cent wings with friends from work. It was the first time in the 3ish months I've been here I made it out for them. And, boy, did I not regret it. Wings were amazing. I also met a couple of new people which is always a plus. Got it hear some....interesting singing at karaoke. Overall, it was a fun night. 

This evening I tried tackling some design. I got distracted by ideas, other creative fun things. Like: 

I hope you can tell what is coming next...Once I get paid. 

In other news: SEATTLE TRIP with Michelle is coming together! We decided we are going in August. A little ways away yet, but still totally pumped. We will be there for 3ish-4ish days. Leaving on a Thursday night for Seattle and staying until Tuesday. It's an all day drive from where we live. Yay roadtrippin'! Words cannot describe my excitement!!!! 

I'm a Zachary Levi fan thanks to Chuck...if you haven't noticed already. I watched a movie the other night of his called "Shades of Ray." It was a cute little flick about a man who is half Pakinstani, half white who is struggling with his life and love life. 

It got me kind of reflecting about my life beings that I'm adopted. I was 3 months old when my parents adopted me from South Korea. Growing up we never really talked about it, never really thought twice that I am not white or Caucasian or whatever. Half the time I even forget that I am of Asian decent. Except for when I look in the mirror and realize that I cannot do those pretty things with eye makeup because I have like, a lack of eyelid or something. I also have a button nose that I am quite fond of...and my skin is a little bit darker than yours may be. I am thankful that I grew up in a small town where nobody said anything or treated me different (at least to my face...that I remember) because of what I looked like. I am just me...

I have been doing a lot of thinking...reflecting...observing life, our society...something like that this past week. I have the Stuff Mom Never Told You podcasts to thank for that. It's a good thing though. I think. I'm just kind of realizing how crazy our society is and how we completely over think everything that goes on in our lives. One that really got me going was "Should Chivalry Die?" Come on gals, let the guy open the door for you...He's not implying that you are helpless and can't do things for yourself. He's being a gentleman. Jeez. 

Haha, alright. I'm going to go crochet. 


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