February 19, 2011

Pretty Rings & Other Things

I've been getting my creative on today. Making rings, magnets, working on my own personal design/photography branding. It is a nice weekend before all my crazy-driving-all-over-the-state-weekends I have coming up.

Yes...The book is Harry Potter.

This pretty purple flower was a surprise when I got the bands in the mail. I didn't know I was getting it as well. 

This one is my own personal ring that I bought. I think I mentioned it in a blog earlier this week. I got it at a local shop called "The Curiosity Shop."

Magnets. I saw a little tutorial thing online the other day. Don't remember what site it was now though. I used an old CMYK magazine I had for the images.

I think these are screaming Etsy shop. Except for these magnets. I don't think using other people's designs is legit :) I will just have to make my own.

That is some of what I had going on today. I made more homemade ice cream. I think I'm addicted. This time I made a Lemon Raspberry and a Brownies and Creme. Yummmm. Tomorrow I'm debating on making cinnamon rolls or homemade flour tortillas. 

"A picture of something you hate."

Hate is a very strong word. I'm going to say "pet peeve" instead. And one of mine is people who spell with crazy text lingo. I think the only ones I use regularly are "bc" and "ppl." But when I see text messages full of them or Facebook/Twitter updates that use them I get very irritated. It's probably because it got hammered into my brain via school and articles about professionalism that it is inappropriate. Apparently people have let text lingo cross over into resumes and memos. I don't understand how people think that is okay. Our generation is losing IQ points and getting more stupid. 

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  1. Emily (and Lawrence)February 19, 2011 at 11:01 PM

    Karlie, you are so crafty! We made magnets like those for VBS one year!

    Also. I agree about your "pet peeve." I can understand it when it shortens the word, thus making it simpler to type (such as bc or ppl), but wuz for was? It's the same number of letters. Come on! :)


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