February 18, 2011

Photos for an Untypical Friday Evening

I've had a very untypical evening. I watched basketball.

I haven't watched a basketball game in years. (Unless random SportCenter while hanging out in college counts...) More specifically, I watched the NBA Celebrity All Star Game. Zachary Levi was playing so I had to watch ;) 

Although it was kind of ruined when I found out Justin Bieber was playing. Screaming teenage girls and horrible singing is not really my thing. But I will admit, he's got game. (Can't believe I just said that......) And the U.S. Secretary of Education played, which was kind of awkward. Like I said, it was a very untypical evening in my book. 

I have a few more photos from last weekends trek around town that I would like to share with the world. 

And a photo challenge update: 

"A picture of a person you do the most crazy things with."

That kid. You all know him by now. Mr. Marlon. And Michelle too, we have some crazy times. Usually whenever my friends and I get together, we do something crazy.
I feel like I'm repeating myself with all of these. I have a small group of friends that I hang out with. Since I left college, it has kind of gotten smaller. Oh well, one of those things where you kind of find out who is worth keeping in touch with and no isn't. 

I have some crafty things to share with you tomorrow. I'm going to test out that new lens I got. 

My weekend goal: Graphic design. I have some stuff I really need to get working on. 


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