February 11, 2011

Love What You Do: Chase Jarvis

At work today, a co-worker sent me a podcast. (Check out his blog here.) It was an interview with the amazing Chase Jarvis. He is a commercial photographer and director from Seattle. I thought I wrote down the address to the interview...but I guess I was wrong. Dang it. I will have to post the link next week. But I am going to continue to talk about Jarvis.

via YouTube
Check out his website to view his amazing photography.

I discovered his work a few years ago, and this interview made me like him even more. He has a book called The Best Camera is the One That's with You. Basically, it is using the phone on your iPhone, Blackberry...The photos are inspirational. I think most people think you need to have a big fancy DSLR in order to be a great photographer. This puts that myth to shame. He talks about how you don't need something that has the highest megapixels, the best sensors, the greatest lens. It is just looking more carefully and observing the world around you in a different way. You don't need a fancy piece of equipment to take gorgeous photos. People tend to forget that.

One of the quotes in his interview that stuck out to me was:

"What good is a picture if it is not shown to the world?"

It reminds me of an episode of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist where an artist talks about how he has never had his work critiqued or look at by outside eyes. Maybe it is the designer in me, but that drove me nuts. Why create something and keep it down in a dark, damp basement?

He was talking about how his imagination goes from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed. It's amazing to hear things like that. I suppose you would expect this from a creative. Not true. I've heard horror stories about laziness and people who just throw things together. (Heartbreaking.) He states that "within 10 meters from you are 10 photographs waiting to be taken." Truth. Design and photography run through my blood. I would probably die without it.

Towards the end of the interview, Jarvis was talking about his response when people ask, "Should I do it?" referring to pretty much anything. His answer was "YES." obviously. I want to live like this. I want to just do whatever I want, haha. Just stop what I'm done and start on my own. Wander around the world with my computer and camera.

So then, while I was waiting for my render to complete, I took a sneak at his blog, it had been awhile since I was on there. I found another quote (I love quotes):

"I never set out to become anything in particular, only to live creatively and push the scope of my experience through adventure and through passion."

I haven't heard somebody talk to passionately about what they do in awhile. Hearing his excitement for his job through my headphones was amazing. I love to listen to and talk to people who talk about what they do and their lives with such enthusiasm. It reminded me of my visit to Duffy and Partners, listening to Joseph Duffy talk about the company, their work, and what they do. It's like inspiration being passed on and you hope it keeps going. 

via YouTube

After listening to the interview, you can just tell that Jarvis loves what he does and is appreciative for his skills, the experiences he has been given, and his life. My life goal right there.

Speaking of photography, for my upcoming engagement photo session, I will be purchasing this lens...Probably tomorrow.

I am a Canon user. Have been for years. This is the Canon 50mm f/1.8.
Nice low f-stop, good for portrait photography.
via Amazon

This weekend and next week is supposed to be nice with temps in the 30's! Hell yeah. So now, after listening to the interview, I am going to break out my camera and hopefully take many pictures. It's been awhile since my camera has see good sunshine. 

"A photo of a person you would like to trade places with for the day."

Chase Jarvis Photo via here and Yvonne Photo via here

Funny enough, I didn't even look at what today's photo was supposed to be. What a way to integrate the two together! I would love to trade places with him for a day. I love the process behind things and being on a set like that would be such a great experience. Plus, to have the chance to play around with all the amazing photography equipment...To die for. 

And of course, if I could have to chance to visit the set of Chuck, that would be so sweet. Once again, like with visiting a photography set, I have always been curious to know how the set of a TV show works. I'm such a nerd. I like to know how things work. And I would love the chance to kick some bad guy butt. I think I said it in my first Photo Challenge post...Hollywood intrigues me.

I also am trying my hand at some homemade no-ice cream-machine ice cream. It is currently in the freezer and we will see how it turns out a few (or many) hours from now. If it's good, I shall post a recipe tomorrow so keep your eyes on the lookout. It's a super simple, anybody can make it, recipe. 

Now, I am off to watch some interviews Marlon sent to me this morning of Joe and Joseph Duffy. It is the weekend. Thank goodness. 


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  1. I've been looking for new sources of inspiration lately. It's been tough working on all of my projects, and keeping myself going.

    Hearing Jarvis talk about his process is awesome, and it makes me want to do the same.

    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation pick-me-up.


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