February 24, 2011

Foods: Simple Simple Cinnamon Rolls

Last week for a co-worker's birthday we had a mini food day. Somebody brought in these amazing mini cinnamon rolls. They were absolutely divine. I decided I wanted to try making my own.

I am a lover of a good cream cheese frosting. Yummmm. 

"A picture of somebody you could never imagine your life without."

My Ma and Pa. They don't like photographs taken of them. I guess it runs in the family, haha. Love them Couldn't live without them. Even with life happening they are always supportive and let me live my life. I'm very appreciative of that. I've been able to make my own mistakes and have to fix them. It has taught me a lot. I like that they don't hold my hand through life. But, they are always there if I do need something. Sometimes we don't always get along but hey, that's family. 

My apartment floor is currently littered with projects I am working on. Still plugging away at my bag. I should probably dig out the first one I started and finish that too. Chunky headbands. Patterns for the totes. My computer is also packed with projects. Hopefully I can hash out quite a bit on my business set and flash website for my portfolio site this weekend. I want to start designing the product tags for the Flower Girl stuff I started ages ago in hopes that maybe I can get another idea for the business set.  I've just got tons of stuff going on and not a whole lot of motivation at the moment.

Ooooooofta. Much to do. But that's okay. I like to be busy and working on stuff. Thank goodness huh? 


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