February 10, 2011

Rants & Raves

Tonight, whilst eating my mac n' cheese I happened to turn on my TV. I never intended upon having cable but I needed to get it in order to have internet. I need internet, therefore, I suppose I need cable. The only thing I've watched on it since I had it install two weeks ago is Chuck. But tonight...I had a strange desire to turn it on. About 5 minutes later, I turned it back off. Here's why:

My TV stays on channel 11 because that is what NBC is on and that is what Chuck is on. There was about 20 minutes left of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Where does all this money come from that people can win? I don't understand! A guy walked away with like $46,000 or something because he didn't know the answer to a question. The next lady comes up and loses the chance to add $25,000 to her pot and the crowd goes nuts and groans and whatever else you do in a crowd like that. $25,000 is more than I'm making a year right now. I repeat, where does all this money come from?

I am very disheartened to learn not too long ago that my alma mater is making huge cuts...in the Art Department. It is always the arts that get cut. I do not get it. Why? So now, they may no longer have an Art Major, Art History Major, or Art Minor. The only classes left would be to cover the liberal education requirements. Every department at the school is having to make cuts, but it always seems that it is the arts/humanities that gets hit the hardest. It breaks my heart. From what I understand the cuts are statewide. (I have a tendency not to pay attention to the news, so I learn from friends...My bad. Should probably change that.) I got to see some great potential in the design department and art department before graduating and it breaks my heart that they won't have the same opportunities that I did. The town community, too, where I went to college simply thrived off of the arts from the college. There are several companies that would put up student's artwork, in the summer there is an art walk every month, statues and sculptures cover the streets. They are also permanently cutting the Track and Field team...What the heck?

I have a friend who is subbing right now and she was saying that there is a district closing down NINE schools and cutting music programs. AND a certain political party wants to keep closing schools.

So with all of this money that we are handing out on game shows...It could be fixing and helping out our nation's education systems. That money could be used towards our teachers salaries. It could be used to keep funding programs. That $25,000 the lady missed out on is how much my friend, once she gets a full-time teaching position, get yearly for awhile, not just for a couple of years like me. Teachers are the reason we are able to grow up and get jobs and make money. It doesn't make sense to me that they should be making pennies compared to many of the elite CEO's of Corporate America. Whether or not they finished college (or high school) they all got their basic knowledge and foundation from teachers.

The politics of it all is too much for me. Not something I can handle. I just wish game shows would just...stop. Give that money to places that really need it. (...Or maybe I got it all wrong and I'm the one that's goofy in the head..............)

I also learned earlier this week, in the future...women may no longer have to get pregnant to have a kid. They have made reproductive cells and whatnot in the labs, in tubes. And they could possibly choose eye and hair color. Basically, designer babies. RIDICULOUS. It's one thing if you can manipulate the genes to cure cancer...but to be able to allow people to choose eye and hair color...Come on, really? I don't remember all of the specifics...It was Monday or so when I listened to it. But I do know it got me all riled up for the rest of the day.

On a stranger note, a weird podcast I listened to today, involved a VERY crazy "scientist" who believes that people with schizophrenia are actually people who are stuck between parallel universes. He also believes he teleported from his living room in like Philadelphia or something to a hotel pool or beach in L.A. for an afternoon. This is where I scratch my head and laugh out loud (which I tried really hard not to do in my little cube while listening to it.) I apologize if you believe in these things. Parallel universes kind of intrigue me, but it's something I can't wrap my head around.

Okay...Done. I leave you with the photo challenge:

"A picture of your favorite memory."

I have so many good memories of my life so far, it was hard to pick one. I chose this photo to represent my high school band and choir trip to New York City and Washington, D.C. 

This is at my favorite memorial in D.C. It is the World War II memorial. One of my favorite time periods of history to learn about is World War II. As you can see, it was in the evening when we went to see it. But I think it made it that much more powerful. I really want to go back to it now that I am 5 years older...and hopefully more wiser and appreciative. 

At this memorial there is a fountain in the middle and 50 pillars wrapping around it, each representing a state. The wall in the photograph is the Freedom Wall. There are 4,048 stars on it. Each star represents 100 Americans who died in the war. In the front of it there is the message "Here we mark the price of freedom." 


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