February 6, 2011

Here's to Another Week Ahead...

Well, so we start another week...The countdown to the weekend begins. How sad.

In my YouTube browsing, I can across a song by Rad Omen called "All the Girls." There were a few lines in it that caught my ears:

"You've been getting by on your pretty face, don't need no money 'cause you know he will pay. But looks will only get you so far in this life. If you want more take a look inside. You're so beautiful but you don't feel it. 'Cause you live the way you never see it. An empty soul you fill it up with shallow things. If you want love take a look inside."

"A picture of the cast from your favorite show."

Chuck...Of course. Killer cast, killer storyline.
But since probably already knew that, I shall post another. 

My Pa got me addicted to the show Fringe. I like weird science and crazy phenomenons. I started in on the second season and still haven't watched the first. I don't even know how to explain the plot of this show...
"A procedural thriller that follows the Fringe Team as they explore mysterious occurrences linked between parallel universes, doppelgängers and unimaginable threats." I took that from the Fringe Facebook page, haha. The idea of a parallel universe is bizarre to think about but yet, it's so intriguing.
I spent my morning catching up on episodes I've been missing. Good stuff.
Plus, the opening credits-- Amazing! 

via YouTube

I was extremely lazy today. Didn't do anything. Wait...That was a lie. I finished my mittens! I will post a photo of them tomorrow. The Save the Dates also got finished. Well kind of. They have been emailed to the couple for their thoughts and ideas. I guess I was a bit more productive than I think.

And now I must go to my dished that have mysteriously piled up...


P.S. Since today was the Super Bowl...That means, it's almost baseball season!!! Finally.

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