February 25, 2011

A Lil' Somethin' in Graphic Design

So last week on the ever fantastic podcast that keep me entertained at work, Stuff You Missed in History Class, I learned about the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. I won't give you a history lesson or anything. But it involves some great mobsters such as Al Capone. If you know my love for The Roaring 20's and Prohibition, you'll know that this podcast fascinated me so I had to listen to it more than once.

The source for my illustration.

Last night before I went to bed I had an idea for a Saint Valentine's Day Massacre poster. I felt the urge to work on it tonight :) Plus, I haven't posted anything I've designed for a little while. I figured it was about time. Now to just work on the dozen other design things I have ideas for.

This weekends To Do List:
-Finish my bag(s)
-Work on portfolio site and/or Flower Girl
-Make homemade tortilla shells
-Start new hat and headbands
-Make a pattern for the totes

That last one could be difficult. There is a craft fair next weekend I'm going home for, Unglued Craft Fest. One of my classmates from BSU, Cody, is going to be selling his screen prints there and I really want to get one. He is an amazing artist. Watch out for him one day. He'll be famous.

I also have to get my bridesmaid dress altered, my taxes done, my oil changed...It will be an expensive trip so I am going to use all the self-control I have to NOT spend money this weekend. Which is why I've overloaded myself with craft-iness and creativeness to be productive with. This usually only sometimes works. Must. Practice. Self. Control.

"A picture of something you want to do before you die."


I am not the biggest fan of heights. They scare me. But...I want do kind of conquer that by being ridiculously high up in the air either free falling for floating. Perhaps both. I figure if I can be talked into jumping off a little cliff into water (which combines two fears in one), I could probably be talked into jumping out of a plane also. The hot air balloon wouldn't take as much convincing if any at all. Think of the photographs you could get in a hot air balloon! 


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